I am pleased to inform you that on June 5, 2023 in the kennel "Power of Unity" (POLAND) a litter of Romanian Shepherd Mioritic was born. We have 7 females and 2 males. Puppies will be able to go to their new home at the end of July. Mother of puppies: Laniakea Tatum Collis Amores Father of puppies: GLAMOROUS DESTINY Collis Amores The Romanian Shepherd Dog is a guard and defense breed that is still actively used in Romania to scare away predators while grazing livestock. It is a highly territorial dog that will be perfect as a guardian of the property, but it is very trusting and devoted to its owner. This dog loves to play, is very patient, gentle, balanced and eager to learn. An ideal breed for a home with children. In one sentence: he will do everything for the household, he is great in a larger herd and is distrustful of strangers. "Power of Unity" was created out of passion and love for the wonderful breed which is the Romanian Shepherd Dog. In my backyard kennel, I put great emphasis on the health of dogs and their socialization, all to enable you to find your best friend. I invite you to book puppies, and if you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me by phone, becadogs have been my passion for 20 years and I will gladly dispel all your doubts. The kennel is registered in the FCI (Kinnogical Association in Poland, Racibórz branch). POLAND More info in whatsup (+48 662621267) or email

Cena: 1.300 €

Preukaz pôvodu: ÁNO
Lokalita: Zahraničie
Číslo inzerátu: 19752
Dátum pridania: 19.4.2023

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